Carrie’s Adventures in Spreadsheets

Carrie’s Adventures in Spreadsheets

In mid-late March, everything I was working on shut down. Like, everything.

Nobody was really sure how to cancel though. The implications for insurance claims were muddy (global pandemics are generally not specifically excluded, but definitely aren’t included). So there were a lot of different companies which couldn’t officially cancel until various governments made a regulation.

Because even  if your event is suddenly in conflict with government legislation there was a better chance of being covered, even if that legislation is directly because of a pandemic.

I had contracts in three different time zones (one of them being the UK), so I spent a very long time waiting up for various updates from the venues, other production companies, festivals etc. While I was waiting I decided to tidy up some of my accounting templates which had got a bit messy while I’d been on tour.

My creativity escalated around the 30th hour of being awake, peaked at about the 36th hour, and made a bad turn when it got up to the 42nd hour of being awake, and at the 43rd hour I found a sleeping tablet.

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